Sticky Fly paper or fly zappers?

This often comes down to a person’s preference. For years we’ve seen the fly paper rolls, dangling from a light fitting (as that’s where the flies seem to go round and around for hours for no apparent reason even in the daytime) and they do a really great job catching all type of flying insects over a short period of time. Cheap, effective but very unsightly.

Then the fly zapper came along. Clean, ruthless, one bzzzt and the fly is gone. Electrocuted and dead in an instant. The downside of the zapper is that upon death, there is often a piece of fly that gets thrown through the air, and can contaminate the environment (land in your cup of tea for example)

So what is the best solution? An electric glueboard fly killer unit takes both these methods and combines them. (It really isn’t rocket science you know)

So you get the flying insects that are attracted to the electric light (same UV bulbs that they use in the brutal zapper machines) and when they come to the light, they get sticky trapped by the sticky glue boards neatly held inside the unit.

This solution is very tidy, sleek and professional, does the best job ever of attracting and catching the flies, and has another advantage over the old twirly rolls of fly paper. When you refresh them with a replacement glue board, it is very, very easy to see which type of flies are the biggest pest to you. From this, you make an assessment of whether this is normal and expected, or whether there is some risk in your immediate or local environment that needs to be dealt with.

Of course a professional pest control company also works with these electric glue board fly killer units as their chosen tool of elimination and can give their professional advice on your particular problem infestation and help you to minimise the number of pests bugging you right now….


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